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About us

  Hebei Huahou Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of online environmental monitoring instruments and an advanced environmental monitoring system integrator。The company was founded in 2012, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company has about 400 employees。Headquartered in Handan City, Hebei Province, with North China, East China two production bases, R & D center is located in Beijing, with 6 branches, sales, operations outlets all over the country。
  Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, technology-led, intelligent environmental protection, and social service", the company has established and improved a scientific and efficient product system and marketing system。The product development technology has obtained 20 patents and 14 software Copyrights。The company has been identified as a high-tech enterprise, a double software enterprise, a small and medium-sized enterprise of science and technology, and a military-civilian integration enterprise,Obtained the automatic monitoring system (water, gas) level one service certification issued by the Central Association, Hebei Province industrial enterprise research and development institution certificate, Hebei Province brand unit certificate, quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and so on,It has been rated as the backbone enterprise of China's environmental protection industry。
  R&d and cooperation
  The company has established a market-oriented and advanced technological innovation system,Cooperate with the Institute of Information Technology of Tsinghua University to build an environmental iot operation platform,Provide "iot based equipment operation services" for more than 300 environmental operation enterprises in China,Change the current traditional operation mode of environmental protection online equipment,In collaboration with the Research Center for Science Communication, Chinese Academy of Sciences,The cloud computing - Internet of Things technology platform of portable hardware platform is built。The company has a professional R & D team。In the key components of related instruments, the company has mastered the core technology, a total of 19 patents, 13 software Copyrights。The company has established close cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Hebei University of Engineering and Hebei Institute of Quality and Technology and other research institutes。
  Product characteristics
  The company is committed to the development and promotion of advanced on-site environmental monitoring equipment and its system platform, research and development of environmental monitoring technology suitable for China's national conditions, through the introduction of advanced online monitoring technology, the company has a number of core technologies and patents in the field of environmental protection and industrial online monitoring。The main products include: COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, all kinds of heavy metals, cyanide, volatile phenol and other water quality online analysis instruments;"Environmental monitoring integrated standardized station house" and its supporting equipment, remote intelligent management system;Integrated water quality online automatic monitoring station, micro-water quality online automatic monitoring station;VOCs online automatic monitoring system;Water quality analysis platform based on iot - cloud control technology。
  With independent intellectual property rights, high-tech enterprises
  Huahou Tiancheng has always attached great importance to intellectual property research and development and protection, the company has passed the "IOS9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three system certification, product development technology has obtained 21 patents and 15 software Copyrights。Awarded science and technology smes, Hebei civil-military Integration Enterprise, Hebei Industrial enterprise research and development institution, Hebei software enterprise, software product unit, Handan 2018 First Prize for Science and Technology Progress。Since 2016, it has cooperated with Hebei University of Engineering, and jointly established Hebei Water Pollution Control and water ecological restoration Technology Innovation Center, and set up a number of water pollution special topic groups。
  Strong marketing network perfect after-sales service
  Huahou Tiancheng has a strong marketing network company headquarters is located in Handan City, Hebei Province, the company performance all over the country, in Shanxi, Chengdu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places with offices and branches。At the same time, it is equipped with a comprehensive service, and professional engineers provide one-to-one technical guidance 7*24 hours online to solve various technical problems for customers。
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