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Huahou Tiancheng water quality online automatic monitoring system project case

Release time: 2019/08/31

Water resources are the basic conditions for human survival and development, and the sustainable use of water resources is a very important guarantee for the sustainable development of society and economy。Water quality monitoring is one of the main tasks in environmental monitoring,It is an accurate, timely and comprehensive reflection of the current situation and development trend of water quality,It provides scientific basis for water environment management, pollution source control and environmental planning,It plays a vital role in protecting the whole water environment, controlling water pollution and maintaining the health of the water environment。  

Hebei Huahou Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of online environmental monitoring instruments and a leading integrator of environmental monitoring systems,Has been committed to the development of environmental monitoring instruments, production, sales,Adhere to the professional, technology-based development route,Continuously provide more and better products and services for the environmental monitoring industry。


Comprehensive use of automatic control, wireless communication, database and network engineering and other technologies,Realize real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality,Real-time monitoring of surface water quality,Early warning and forecasting of water pollution accidents,Provide real-time, comprehensive and fast information technology support for environmental supervision departments' decision-making, on-site management and emergency command。


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